Extend your Practice Management Software System

Shadowbox simply wraps around your Practice Management software application (ie. EMR) to provide additional compliance and security, while creating new links to your lab ordering systems, government databases and registries, and other applications.

Shadowbox adapts your existing work-flow, so you use your own Practice Management software in a more secure, HIPAA compliant, and faster browser than Chrome or Safari.

Download the app, install and open! On your first login, choose the Practice Management software (ie. EMR) you wish to use with Shadowbox, and start using immediately.

Shadowbox is a safe, compliant, and easy way to use your Practice Management software, using pre-configured automations. You can also create your own custom connections as demonstrated in this video.

Shadowbox links applications in a newly compliant way.
Do you have an application you want us to link for you?


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What our customers are saying

  • Shadowbox promises to provide very busy Doctors like me the ability to spend more time with my patients and less time filling out forms or clicking buttons. The ability to instantly check my patient’s prescription history before writing an opioid not only complies with state law, but also provides insight to help guide that patient’s treatment. Just as my patients appreciate the exceptional value concierge medicine provides them, I see Shadowbox as a concierge service for physicians like me.

    Bruce J. Sachs, MD MDVIP Patient-Centered Care
  • For Birdrock Laboratories, Shadowbox is a game-changer. Not only do our customers love the simple interface, but we avoid massive integration fees and get the patient information we need to ensure our lab tests get paid. As a result, Shadowbox is key to helping us win and retain customers.

    Robert Lajvardi Owner